Brittany Maynard Photography-1

Hi! I’m Brittany Maynard.

That’s me with my handsome husband and our sweet little ones. We are a military family and cherish the adventure it brings. With each new duty station we move to a new town, fall in love with the place, and then a few years later move on. It can be a tough life. The thing is, we truly believe that we are sent to each place for a reason. We soak in everything and everyone we can and when it’s time to go, we carry who we have met and what we have learned with us. That’s the beauty of our nomadic life. We never leave a place behind.

So, why photography? My passion for photography and people started at a young age. I have always adored the idea of capturing moments in time. The moments I’ve shared laughing with friends, the moment I fell in love with my husband, the moment my daughter said her first word or the moment my son smiled for the first time. The list goes on. I guess you could say I love the little moments when you really see the love between people.

I believe every family has a story and those stories should be to told in a timeless way. I want to help you document your family in a way that is unique to you and capture those small moments you share with the ones you adore.